Lawn Aeration




Get your lawn healthy, beautiful and weed-free. Aeration is an essential element of keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. Aeration is the easiest and single most important element to maintaining a healthy, beautiful, green Colorado lawn. Simply stated, Denver and Colorado Front Range lawns aerated twice a year are healthier and more beautiful than those that are not. Aeration helps:

  • Control thatch.
  • Improve the soil structure.
  • Create growth pockets for new roots.
  • Maximize water and fertilizer absorption to your lawn’s roots.

Save your sprinkler heads - guaranteed.

Because we also design and install sprinkler and irrigation systems, we are more knowledgeable about proper preparations such as locating existing sprinkler heads and working around them. In the extremely rare event one of our aerators damages a sprinkler head, we repair or replace it for free–usually immediately.

Fill in brown or bare spots with overseeding

A fall aeration is the perfect time to address any bare or brown spots in your lawn. When we visit to aerate your lawn in the fall, we can spread a customized seed mixture to fill in any spots making your lawn look lush the following spring. The mix also helps make your lawn more resistant to disease by introducing a variety of sturdy grass strains.

At Swingle, we take pride in our work so you can take pride in your lawn.

Your home’s outdoor space is a source of pride, property value and lifelong memories. Enjoy it! Get a long-term professional partner who understands how to make your home’s landscape thrive in Colorado’s climate. Get your outdoor space healthy and beautiful.