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Keep your Colorado shrubs and trees healthy.

You’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars on your shrubs and trees. Keep them healthy and prevent plant disease and tree disease. Swingle offers a variety of plant heath care services including disease prevention, leaf treatments and soil enhancement.

Tree Fertilization

Swingle offers three stages of tree fertilization and shrub fertilization. Why? Because young trees and mature trees have different fertilization needs. This three-stage fertilization process helps them thrive from the time they’re newly planted throughout maturity.

Treat & Inspect Injection Treatments and Leaf Treatments

Our two-step Treat & Inspect treatment plan offers two frontiers of protection. In the Treat Phase, we treat “primary” trees and shrubs that are most likely to be attacked by insects. Then, in the Inspect Phase, smaller trees and shrubs are inspected for pests and treated with injection treatments and/or leaf treatments.

Soil Enhancements

Soil injections are used to control a wide variety of problem insects, including Aphids, Elm Leaf Beetles, Leaf Miners, Birch Borers and more.

Mountain Pine Beetle / IPS Control

While not treatable once infested, preventative sprays are the solution to controlling mountain pine beetles and ips engraver beetles. Swingle recommend spraying spruce trees two times a year: Once in the spring and once in the summer. Swingle, based in Denver since 1947, employs more certified arborists than any other Colorado company. Free Courtesy Visits from your Landscape Care Consultant and our 100 percent guarantee accompany all Swingle services.
Beautify your landscape and protect your investment.

Plant Health Care Services

At Swingle, we care for all of your trees and plant material.

Here are some additional services we provide:

Zimmerman Pine Moth Treatment
Dutch elm Disease
European Elm Scale
Elm Leaf Beetle ControlEriophyid Mite Control
Grow Gun Soil Fracturing
Sycamore Anthracnose Control
Tree Fertilization
Ips Beetle Control
Treat and Inspect
Japanese Beetle Control