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Why Tree and Shrub Fertilization is Important in Colorado

Posted on: January 10th, 2017

Trees and shrubs need supplemental nutrients in order to maintain their beauty and health as they grow in Colorado. The nutrients trees and shrubs need changes as they mature.
Swingle, the Colorado tree service experts since 1947, recommend the treatments below for each stage of a tree or shrub’s life.

The Three Stages of Tree and Shrub Fertilization:

1: Tree Fertilization – First 4

Specifically formulated to increase root development for newly-planted trees and shrubs, this treatment is recommended once a year for the first four years after planting. Once established, your plants will transition into the next stage of fertilization.

2: Tree Fertilization – Root Builder

Root Builder provides the necessary nutrients to enrich the soil, promoting healthy, structural growth to help your trees and shrubs flourish. This treatment is recommended once a year until the plant develops into its mature stage, which typically takes many years.

3: Tree Fertilization – Root Builder Mature

Root Builder Mature is a root building and root enhancing formulation designed specifically to encourage active root growth in your mature trees and shrubs. This fertilization treatment is recommended once a year to maintain the beauty and health of your trees and shrubs throughout their mature life. Sub-surface fertilization is key for mature trees and shrubs.


Whether your landscape has new trees, mature trees or a mixture of both, trees and shrubs need fertilization throughout their entire lifespan. The needs of young trees are different from the needs of mature trees. Swingle’s three-stage fertilization process protects young trees from the time they’re planted throughout their maturity, and is specifically formulated for trees in Colorado’s unique environment.

Keep your trees and shrubs looking their very best and enjoy them for years to come. Schedule a free evaluation with a certified arborist now.


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