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Holiday Lighting

Designed, Installed, Maintained, Stored

Residential and Commercial Holiday Lights Installation

The overall design of any home or commercial building, lends itself to the possible artistry Swingle can create with our Christmas light installation and design services. From dramatic columns, to exciting architectural elements, to expansive windows – all combine to create a blank canvas for Swingle’s designers, thus enhancing your properties best features.

Tree lighting is one of Swingle’s signature services. We find great enjoyment in pulling inspiration from the wonderful creations of Mother Nature, which allows us to produce dazzling displays sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

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Holiday Lighting

Are there additional charges to replace a bulb that no longer works?

No. We’ll perform onsite maintenance to make sure your lights are working to your satisfaction during the duration of the holiday lighting season.

Holiday Lighting

What is the minimum cost for installation?

$750 is the minimum charge for Swingle décor services.

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