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Tree Service

Tree Removal & Trimming

Swingle’s been providing local tree services since 1947, including tree trimming and stump removal. We’re proud to have over 40 certified arborists on-staff from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  Swingle is ready to assist you with all of your tree trimming, tree removal and tree care needs. Whether your landscape has new trees, mature trees or a mixture of both, proper tree care is an essential part of developing and maintaining the safety, health and beauty of one of your home’s most valuable assets. The USDA Forest Service says, “Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to a property’s value.”

Benefits of Tree Management:

  • Provide shade for your home, lawn and landscape
  • Improve the value of your property
  • Are the centerpiece of a beautiful residential landscape
  • Benefit Colorado’s environment
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Many of our technicians are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture
and/or State Department of Agriculture for their areas of expertise.

Tree Care Industry Association       Colorado Department of Agriculture

International Society of Arboriculture       Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Tree Service

Are your technicians certified?

Yes. Swingle is one of the few landscape organizations in Colorado to be certified OSHA compliant. In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created. The goal was to help create a safer work environment by working with businesses to establish standards that are workplace-specific. The rules and regulations developed ensure workers are in the safest environment possible as set forth by OSHA. Swingle spends more time on training hours and invests more money in industry related training than any other Colorado tree company.


Additionally, many of our lawn and tree care experts have gone through rigorous training and are certified through TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) and ISA (International Society of Arboriculture).

Tree Service

What steps will be taken to ensure my property is not damaged?

When utilizing bucket trucks, cranes and other large vehicles on your property, Swingle will lay down protective coverings in order to make sure heavy tires will not damage your property. Potted plants, lights, patio furniture, and decorative yard art should be moved from around trees before crews arrive to perform the work. Additionally, we remove your tree in stages, starting at the very top, to lessen the chances of the tree falling onto your home or homes around you. We work directly with the power company to make sure that electrical and telecommunication lines are safely moved out of harm’s way.

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