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Tree and Shrub Care

Plant & Tree Care: Being proactive with your plant's health

You’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars on your trees and shrubs. Keep them safe from disease and insects with Swingle’s plant health & tree care services. Our services protect and treat against:

Zimmerman pine moth treatment, dutch elm disease, aphids, European elm scale, elm leaf beetle control, emerald ash borer, eriophyid mite control, grow gun soil fracturing, sycamore anthracnose control, tree fertilization, Ips beetle control, treat and inspect, Japanese beetle control

Swingle offers three stages of tree and shrub fertilization. Why? Because young trees and mature trees have different fertilization needs. This three-stage fertilization process helps them thrive from the time they’re newly planted throughout maturity.

Treat & Inspect – Designed to Protect Your Trees & Shrubs
What is included? All shrubs and trees that are up to 30 feet in height*. Please note that we will inspect fruit bearing trees, but we do not treat fruit trees that will bear a fruit crop within 12 months of our application. We apply a two-step approach, providing the utmost in plant protection with minimum environmental impact.

The “Treat” phase
We treat the “primary” trees and shrubs with active insect infestations and those that are most likely to be damaged surrounding the time of each treatment. Two application methods (foliar and soil injection) are utilized to protect your plants. We take extra care in treating flowering shrubs, only applying a horticultural oil to these plants. We will treat plants that are at least 25 feet from any in-ground water features and will not spray around active bee hives to help protect the pollinator population.

The “Inspect” phase
The remaining trees and shrubs will be inspected for insects. Any trees or shrubs that are infested will be automatically treated AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Our Guarantee – each treatment is guaranteed for 30 days
We recommend three to four applications per year to ensure protection during the growing season.

*Deciduous (leafy) shade trees over 30 feet tall may require a separate treatment under our specialized target applications.

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Many of our technicians are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture
and/or State Department of Agriculture for their areas of expertise.

Tree Care Industry Association       Colorado Department of Agriculture

International Society of Arboriculture       Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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