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Tree Disease and Insect Control

Treat and Inspect Program

Our “Treat and Inspect” program, part of our tree services, is designed to protect your valuable trees and shrubs from aphids, spider mites and caterpillars. We recommend three to four applications per year to ensure protection during the infestation period. Tree and shrub insect control is a two step approach, providing the utmost in plant protection with minimum environmental impact.

The “Treat” phase: We treat “primary” trees and shrubs that are most likely to be damaged by aphids, spider mites and caterpillars surrounding the time frame of each treatment. Two application methods (foliar and soil injection) are utilized to protect your plants.

The “Inspect” phase: The remaining trees and shrubs will be inspected for aphids, spider mites and caterpillars every time. Any trees or shrubs that are infested will be automatically treated AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Fruit trees on your property will also be inspected, but will not be treated unless we have your prior permission.

Tree Disease and Insects:

Borer, Japanese beetle, leaf miner, scale, canker, fire blight, leaf spot, aphids, spider mites

Environmental Damage:

Dry, freeze, hail, salt, wet, chlorosis, broken branch, dead branch, mechanical injury

Soil injections are used to control a wide variety of problem insects including aphids, elm leaf beetles, leaf miners, birch borers and more. Recommended frequency of treatment depends on the size and other characteristics of the tree, ranging from every two months to a year.

Mountain Pine Beetle / Ips Control – Preventative sprays are the solution to bark beetles. Swingle recommends one spray for mountain pine beetle and up to two sprays for the Ips engraver beetle. In addition, watering is essential during all seasons including winter. Fertilization recommendations may also be necessary.

Disease Control – Swingle’s proven Dutch elm disease program has protected American elms in Colorado since 1972. We offer both fungicide injections as well as natural biological pesticide for disease control.

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