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Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Critical for tree and shrub health

The needs of young trees are different from the needs of mature trees. A three-stage fertilization process protects young and new trees from the time they’re planted throughout their maturity. Swingle employs more than 40 certified arborists so you can trust your trees and shrubs will get the best care possible.

Swingle’s three-stage tree fertilization treatment system is specifically formulated for trees in Colorado’s climate:

  • First Four: Stage One Treatment is designed to increase root development in newly planted trees and shrubs. Swingle recommends these treatments once a year for the first four years after planting.
  • Root Builder: Stage Two Treatment is formulated for established trees and shrubs and provides the nutrients to alleviate nutrient-deficient soils, which are common in Colorado. Swingle recommends these treatments once a year until the tree reaches its mature stage.
  • Root Builder Mature: Stage Three Treatment encourages root growth in mature trees and shrubs. Swingle recommends this treatment once a year throughout the life of the mature tree.

All Swingle tree services include free courtesy visits from your Landscape Care Consultant and are backed by our 100% guarantee. Help your new tree grow into a source of family pride, a provider of shade with professional fertilization. Get the best care available for your young and new trees.

Iron deficiency

The soils in our area often limit the amount of iron that can be taken up by trees and shrubs. This is referred to as “iron chlorosis”, which commonly affects maple and oak trees. Chlorosis causes leaves to turn yellow to brown and can result in the death of branches and eventually kill the tree. We use three different types of fertilization to alleviate this deficiency. In order to reduce the chlorosis, your trees and shrubs will need one type of these services each year. In many cases, a combination of services may be needed on alternating years.

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Many of our technicians are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture
and/or State Department of Agriculture for their areas of expertise.

Tree Care Industry Association       Colorado Department of Agriculture

International Society of Arboriculture       Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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