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Insect Control

Swingle Insect & Pest Control

Keep chemicals out of your home

Colorado is home to thousands of species of insects year-round. Indoor insect control is best achieved with an effective outdoor application, thus providing effective treatment, while protecting your family.

Swingle’s perimeter pest control program targets ants, beetles, centipedes, earwigs, fleas, mites, sow bugs, spiders, silverfish and more. Our thorough insect control program is designed to keep insects and insecticides OUT of your home.

Spraying outside keeps insects from entering your home. HomeShield Insect Defense is the answer. Not only do we treat the perimeter of your home, but our licensed technicians will spray up your outside walls by as much as two feet. This practice is uncommon with other pest control companies, yet we find it critical to providing you the results you expect. Swingle’s four-time outdoor perimeter control keeps ants, spiders, mites and more from moving into your house.

Additional benefits of perimeter bug spraying:

To help you identify insects in your home, Colorado State University has created this useful document to help you identify insects in your home.

Problems with insects on your lawn?

Lawn Insect Control


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Does Swingle offer any environmentally-friendly services?

Swingle offers organic soil enhancers, organic lawn fertilization, organic mulch and a variety of other services (like injectable pest control) to keep your yard as healthy, weed-free and safe as possible.

Pest Control

Does your service protect against rabbits?

No. There is no definitive solution to rid your property of rabbit damage. Repellents and traps may work for a brief period of time, but eventually become ineffective. The best advice is to rid your property of overgrown shrubs and ground cover as well as “hiding” spots, which provide the perfect protection and home for these furry creates.

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