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Spider Control in Colorado

Keep chemicals and spiders out

Do you have spiders in your home?

Spiders are a beneficial insect, feeding on other pests. However, most people do not care about the benefits when they’re crawling inside their homes. Most of the spiders founds in Colorado often have a life-span of only one year. However, widow and wolf spiders can live several years and surprisingly tarantulas can survive for ten years or more.

Here are a few quick facts about spiders:

  • Spiders feed on other insects, which makes them a benefit in managing other pests
  • Spiders often wander inside in the early fall, when temperature are cool and they need to find proper shelter
  • Some common spiders found indoors are funnel web, cobweb spiders, cellar spiders and sac spiders

The most common spiders inside our homes are known as house spiders (sometimes called cobweb spiders). They often hide in dark areas of your home, which rarely see activity. They are generally harmless, but typically create messy webs.

Preventing spiders in your home can be an exhausting task. Some indoor prevention ideas include:

  • Organizing storage areas and basements
  • Picking up unnecessary clutter
  • Vacuuming webs to destroy access points
  • Eliminating other insect populations
  • Cleaning your home regularly to destroy spider nests

Outdoor prevention includes:

  • Filling in any gaps or holes around windows and doors
  • Cutting back any plants or shrubs growing close to the house
  • Storing wood piles away from the house

And while these preventative actions may help to reduce spider activity in and around your home, your best solution is a complete perimeter pest control program. Swingle’s HomeShield Insect Defense is the answer. Not only will it help control a variety of spiders, it will also help with ants, beetles, fleas, silverfish and more. Additionally, spraying outside keeps insects and chemicals outside of your home.

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