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Christmas Lighting Experts Design Insights

Posted on: August 31st, 2016

Professional outdoor Christmas lighting involves a carefully planned approach in order to achieve the customers desired results. We decided to ask our Christmas lights service installers what they consider before lighting a property.

Where do you get your inspiration or design ideas for Christmas lighting?

The overall design of any home or building, speaks to the possible artistry Swingle can create with our Christmas lighting services. From dramatic columns, to exciting architectural elements, to expansive windows – all combine to create a blank canvas for Swingle’s designers, thus enhancing your properties best features. Tree lighting is one of Swingle’s signature services. We find great enjoyment in pulling inspiration from the wonderful creations of Mother Nature, which allows us to produce dazzling displays sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Professional Christmas Lights Installation Hudson Gardens

How do you assess a property to figure out the best holiday lighting design?

Swingle’s team of design professionals will evaluate your property and make recommendations based on your budget and overall expectations and desires. Many times homeowners are unaware of the possibilities, often because they’re used to seeing poorly installed lighting from fly-by-night companies, who do not possess the design and installation know-how to properly create a lighting plan design. Our comprehensive digital portfolio captures all the color and impact from our actual customers – showcasing the realities we will create.

What do you believe makes a “great Christmas lighting design?”  What do the top-notch designs have that set them apart?

Our designers go through extensive training in design, installation methods and techniques to produce results other companies struggle to achieve. Regardless of budget, our professionals will provide a variety of decorating options from bulb size and color, to unexpected artful touches – taking all the necessary steps to ensure the display is installed correctly so it’s optimally running throughout the season.

Beyond their design and installation training, our designers have a firm understanding of electrical instruction, thorough ladder and roof safety and are continually educated on new products and services emerging in the market. You’ll never see extra light strands and extension cords hanging from gutters or downspouts. Our design and installation team focuses on every detail. Our designers have commercial grade products at their disposal – longer-life, energy efficient bulbs, extra fullness on all of the greenery we provide and property friendly installation accessories, which provide a professional, customized appearance to your display.

How do you operate the service – one dedicated crew or multiple crews and why?

Between our residential and commercial work across the Front Range, we use multiple crews to service our holiday lighting customers. Our highly trained crews are incredibly efficient, with an understanding of design best practices, installation resources and pro-active maintenance for any on-site issues with our products or the installation environment.

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