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The Benefits of Mulching Beds

Posted on: July 22nd, 2016

Mulch not only keeps the visible areas of your planting beds and around tree bases looking beautiful, it also has a multitude of benefits for what lies beneath. From protecting your soil from Colorado’s extreme temperatures, to discouraging weed growth, the benefits of mulching are plentiful.

The Benefits of Mulching Beds

Benefits of Mulching

What is mulch?
Mulch is a layer of material (typically wood chips or shredded bark) applied to the surface, which creates an insulated layer between the soil and air. By creating an insulated layer, mulch helps preserve moisture and reduce weed growth, while enhancing the appeal of the area with a consistent appearance.

How much mulch should I put down?
When applying mulch, the general rule of thumb is to use 1-2 inches when using finer mulch such as shredded bark, and up to 3-4 inches when using a coarser material like rocks. Keep in mind you do not want to create a mulch volcano. Applying too much mulch can trap and retain moisture around the trunk of trees or the stems of plants, and could cause damage.

To determine the amount of cubic yards of mulch you will need, take the total square footage of your planting beds, multiply it by the desired mulch depth and divide it by 324. Need help? The Colorado landscape experts at Swingle can help determine the right amount while providing mulching options for your area.

When to apply?
It’s important to apply mulch at the right time for optimum health. Don’t apply mulch too early or too late in the season.

Spring is the best time to apply mulch once the soil has a chance to warm up. Applying the mulch too early can actually slow down the warming process, which helps plants grow optimally. During the summer, you might have to re-apply additional mulch to help retain moisture during the hotter months.

You can also put a second layer of mulch down before the temperatures drop below freezing. Doing this will help keep the soil insulated during the cold winter months.

Whether you need mulch, decorative stone or metal edging, Swingle can help your landscape look its best.


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