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Current Colorado Lawn Problems

Posted on: May 5th, 2014

The weeds are out and so are lawn mites

May is the busiest month in the yard! There is so much to do; the list can go on and on! A healthy landscape will be better prepared to resist disease and insect infestations. It is not too late get a green, weed-free lawn. Swingle is breaking down how to get your lawn in shape for summer.

Weeds Gone Wild? – You May Need Weed Control Services

Weeds seem to pop up overnight, ruining the appearance of your lawn. No one wants to spend their weekend getting every weed out of their yard. Swingle has worked to develop weed control solutions to fit your needs. Put down the fork to stop picking weeds out of the lawn and consider an option that’s easier on your back.

Did Someone Say Brown Spots?

Brown spots can be cause by a handful of issues. Are the spots from your dog, not enough water, or is it a pesky pest such as lawn mites sucking the life out of your lawn? We are seeing an increase in lawn mites this spring. You may not know for sure, so hire a certified expert to determine what may be the source of the spots. No one wants a brown, spotted lawn. A beautiful lawn requires patience and knowledge.

Keeping Your Lawn Green!

April may have passed but its not too late to strive for that dream lawn. Colorado lawns have special fertilization needs. Semi-arid, weed-friendly conditions create challenges for homeowners to keep a green, weed-free lawn. Fertilizing your lawn will help strengthen the root system and thicken up your yard to give it a healthy appearance. As an added benefit, it will help combat turf disease!

Let Your Soil Soak Up the Goodness!

Proper lawn care means more than just caring for your grass. It means caring for the soil beneath it as well. Without good topsoil our plants, trees and lawn struggle to survive. The experts at Swingle have a multi-pronged approach to soil enhancement that includes applications of ReVive®, lawn aeration services and proper lawn care.

Now is the time to take advantage of getting the lawn you strive for before its too late. Finding the perfect Swingle Lawn Care Program will be well worth the investment as you enjoy your lawn through the summer months. Take advantage of Swingle’s Limited Time offer of our FREE Revive lawn Application!


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