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Lawn Aeration - Commercial

Commercial lawns need to breathe

Commercial lawn aeration keeps larger expanses of grass healthy and strong. Commercial properties get heavy foot traffic and even tire traffic from golf carts and maintenance vehicles. The additional stress this places on your property’s most visible and expansive asset elevates the importance of proper lawn care.

Aeration is the easiest and single most important element for Colorado commercial properties. Aerating in the spring and the fall will help to:

  • Control thatch
  • Improve the soil structure
  • Create growth pockets for new roots
  • Maximize water and fertilizer absorption

A free inspection by a Swingle Landscape Care Consultant will create a commercial lawn treatment plan within your budget. With fertilization and proper irrigation, a commercial lawn aeration will help support both during the season.

Protecting your sprinklers

Because Swingle designs and installs sprinkler systems, we are more knowledgeable about proper preparations such as locating sprinkler heads and working around them. In the extremely rare event one of our aerators damages a sprinkler head, we repair or replace it for free.


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