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Create Your Beautiful Outdoor Space for Summer

Posted on: May 21st, 2013

Enjoying Colorado Outdoor Spaces: Create Your Beautiful Outdoor Space

Mother Nature is cooperating and now’s the time to transform your outdoor living space into an inviting outdoor retreat whether you’re entertaining friends or enjoying a quiet moment by yourself.

Just as you would build off a main focal point in your indoor living room, the same holds true for your outdoor living areas. Pick a focus, like an outdoor dining table, a seating area around a fire pit or a centrally placed gazebo.

Contain Your Color

Fill pots and containers in every shape and size to add color throughout your outdoor space. This can be an ideal way to use an otherwise overlooked corner or try hanging baskets of blooms from above to draw the eye upward.

Maximize Your Space

Space is often at a premium on patios and decks. Utilize the space you’ve got by adding furniture pieces that serve double duty, like a comfy bench that offers under-seat storage, or a potting bench that can serve as a dining sideboard in a pinch.

Swap Out Accents

Giving last year’s outdoor furniture a makeover can be as easy and inexpensive as changing out cushions, pillows and umbrellas. If your entertaining area is exposed to sun, be sure to choose outdoor fabrics that can take the changes in weather.

Light the Way

The party doesn’t have to end after the sun goes down. Keep your outdoor space properly illuminated with tall torches, hanging lanterns, hurricane glasses filled with candles and strings of lights to set just the mood. Solar lights along pathways work well and pop on without you having to think about it.

Strategically Fill In

It never fails. Just when you need your garden to bloom, there won’t be a blossom in sight. Keep a few hanging baskets on hand filled with bright non-cascading perennials or annuals, like daisies or geraniums. Then nestle the baskets into bare spots right before your outdoor soiree.

Keep It Private

Neighbors and guests alike will appreciate when you create a screen between you and bordering houses. Hang a sheer curtain on decks and patios, or gather potted plants from your garden to create a living screen with simple shelves.

Fire It Up

There’s something about the glow of a fire that is particularly inviting on a warm summer night. Add a simple fire pit to your seating area and watch while your guests linger well into the evening hours. Be sure to pick one that is right for your space, with just the right ventilation.

Play With a Pond

Water features can instantly bring serenity to your outdoor space, whether it’s a birdbath, a pond with a pleasantly trickling waterfall or a simple waterscape on your patio with a few floating plants.

Eat Out

Fair weather and longer days work in your favor to take the kitchen and mealtime outside. Go all the way with the addition of an outdoor kitchen, or set up an easy-access sideboard with everything you need to grab a plate and dine al fresco.


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