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Why Deep Root Watering is Critical in Winter

Posted on: October 18th, 2017

The season’s beginning to change and soon powdery white precipitation will cover roadways and grassy areas across the state.

Many assume that the moisture from snowfall accumulations, and their eventual melting, will be sufficient enough to keep trees and shrubs healthy and hydrated during the cold winter months. What’s unknown however is the driest months in Colorado are November through February, which is why you need supplemental watering.

What you need to know about Deep Root Watering:

Trees release a hormone to increase root growth when the days grow shorter, and therefore maintaining proper moisture levels is imperative.

Trees should be watered about every three to four weeks, as long as temperatures are above the freezing mark. Allowing the soil around trees to freeze while dry, will repel natural moisture rather than allow it to reach the tree’s roots. This will directly damage your root system during dormancy. Keeping the soil beneath the surface moist with deep root watering ensures active root growth for a healthy and beautiful tree come the spring.

Why Call Swingle for Deep Root Watering:

With Swingle’s ReCharge supplemental watering, we only water when needed. If moisture levels are above 2” in 30 days, we hold off the service until needed. As part of this service, Swingle monitors the soil and will schedule treatments only when necessary. We’ll only visit your property when required for the health of your tree.

ReCharge is a supplemental deep root watering service. A soil injection application, it combines Yuccah – a mixture of natural plant extracts – with water that acts as a water surfactant – breaking the surface tension and allowing water to percolate easier through the soil.

Your landscape is more than just scenery. It’s the interaction between people and place, which can help improve your properties appearance for everyone who visits. Let your trees and shrubs contribute to its signature appearance. Get a long-term professional Colorado tree service partner who understands how to make your landscape thrive in Colorado’s winter climate.

As with any of Swingle’s services, complimentary visits from your Landscape Care Consultant are also available.

Schedule ReCharge watering service today!


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