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Energy Saving Tips During the Holiday Season

Posted on: October 27th, 2016

Retailers are already preparing their stores for the holiday season – stocking shelves with colorful lights, decorative wreaths and inflatable Santas. You already spend enough money on the holidays so why not save on your energy bill this year with these four energy saving tips for the holiday season.

Four Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

1) Upgrade your Seasonal Lighting

Upgrading your lights to LED will not only help you use less energy, but also save money. LED lights use 75% less energy and are available in a variety of different colors and shapes. LED lights typically cost more upfront, but the cost is offset by lower energy bills and a longer lifespan. You can also recycle old incandescent lights at local recycling stations in your area.

Tip: when hiring a professional Christmas lighting company, make sure they are using quality LED lights.

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2) Use a Timer

You don’t need to be the neighborhood night-light during the holidays, when streetlights already do a great job. Timers are not only convenient by allowing you to program your lights to go on automatically, but they can also help by keeping your energy bills down in case you forget to turn them off.

3) Limit Indoor Holiday Lighting

Instead of having your overhead lights and lamps on with your Christmas tree, why not pick one or the other. Christmas trees can actually produce a good amount of light in a room, while keeping your holiday spirit alive, thanks to that festive Christmas tree glow.

4) Solar Powered Lights

Colorado is known for 300 days of sunshine, meaning solar is a great option this holiday season. Solar lights require zero energy and are a breeze to set up considering you don’t have to worry about locating a plug or running an extension cord. Of course, this option could be hit or miss if we have an overcast day, but if you’re looking to save on your energy bill, this is a great option.

With a little planning, you’ll have no trouble saving a few dollars this holiday season. Leaving you with more money to spend on presents.


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