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Keep Your Colorado Landscape Healthy and Green

Posted on: June 10th, 2014

Keep it Green!

In Colorado lawns can be up against lots of natural elements, so it is important to keep your colorado landscape healthy and green! Follow the tips below to get a great looking lawn from the lawn service experts in Colorado!

1. Water Well

Colorado’s dry climate calls for plenty of hydration, but there’s no need to overdo it. Water less often, but give it a deeper dousing when you do water. A good deep watering will encourage deep roots and help the grass become more resistant to heat and disease.

2. Give It a Trim

When mowing your lawn, take off only one-third of the height. This keeps clippings nice and short and more easily broken down into the ground to provide much-needed nutrients, while keeping stress on the lawn to a minimum.

3. Beat the Weeds

No matter how hard you try, you’ll always have to combat a few weeds. Stay on the lookout for unwanted growth then dig up any weeds by hand to avoid damaging the soil and lawn. Spot treat any pesky spots. Keeping your lawn lush and thick will deter weed growth as well.

4. Don’t Let the Bugs Bite

Those ever-persistent mosquitos love the summer months, so do your best to encourage them to go elsewhere. Check your landscaping for any areas that encourage standing water and don’t allow water to stagnate in any birdbaths, water gardens or ponds.

5. Deal With Disease

If brown circles or dry areas appear in your lawn, you might have a condition caused by fungal disease or insects. Consider calling in a lawn professional to determine the cause and offer the best course of action.


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