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Fall Into Fun With Swingle Fall Family Activities

Posted on: September 30th, 2014

Cooling temperatures and falling leaves… pumpkin spice and outdoors activities is what fall is about! With many fun seasonal events, it’s the perfect time for your family to enjoy some fall family activities. Here are some of Swingle’s favorites!

Head to the Pumpkin Farm

Go to the local pumpkin farm to pick the perfect pumpkin! Most pumpkin farms allow you to go out into the field to gather your own. Everyone is guaranteed to love looking for the biggest, brightest and most colorful pumpkin. Visit our partners at Rock Creek Farms for the best pumpkins in town!

Off to the Market

Farmer’s markets offer you the opportunity to feast on the bounty of the season and bring fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms right to your own table. Not only will you have food for dinner later, find some cornstalks, scarecrows, and hay bales for decorating your home! It’s a great time to get these seasonal items as they will only be around for a little while. Find a farmers market near you!

Make it an A-Mazing Fall

People of all ages love puzzles! Visit a local farm with a corn maze to enjoy the bounty of fall. They will love being able to run through the maze figuring out where it ends. This is a perfect fun activity for the whole family. Our friends at Botanic Garden’s Chatfield have a great one.

Identify Leaves

A Swingle oldie! Most likely you will be raking up leaves, so take the opportunity to construct piles of colorful leaves to have your kids or grandkids jump in! Have them pick out their favorite leaves from the pile and ask them questions. See if they know which tree the leaf came from. Can they tell which shapes are similar and colors they may have in common? This is sure to keep them engaged and busy!

Get Creative

Take some leaves inside with you to create some art! Place leaves under a piece of paper and color over the top with crayons allowing the image of the leaf to come through. Try using all different colors to make each leaf look unique!

Scavenger Hunt

Leaves, acorns, something yellow, something orange…make the perfect list of fall items! See if you can hunt down items in your own backyard or on a walk through the park. A scavenger hunt is a great way to enjoy what nature has to offer during the fall season and have family fun while doing it. You can even bring a camera with you to capture all that you see. Let your children help you capture images so they can see their work later on! It’s a great activity for all ages.

Make a Bird Feeder

Who doesn’t love watching birds? Why not create a bird feeder to see these amazing creatures more often in your own backyard. All you need are pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Simply add a layer of peanut butter to the pinecone and then roll it in the birdseed. Use some yarn to tie around the pinecone, place it in your favorite tree, and enjoy watching the birds feed away!



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