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Fall is the best time to renovate your Colorado lawn

Fall is the best time to renovate your Colorado lawn

Posted on: September 11th, 2018

Fall Lawn Care

By the time the first day of fall arrives on September 22, Colorado students will already have been back in school for close to a month and the summer season will have started to fade into a distant memory.

While many homeowners believe that the spring is the ideal time of year to perk up your lawn, the fact of the matter is that in Colorado, the fall is better.

According to Colorado State University, “The benefits of fall fertilizing include a healthier turf before winter, a healthier root system, and stimulating a turf that greens up earlier in the spring without excessive top growth. Fall fertilization produces dense, green spring lawns without the mowing chores that come with spring fertilization. It should be a part of every good lawn care program.”

But what if your lawn is thin, weedy and bare?

Not to worry, according to Alison O’Connor, horticulture agent for the Larimer County office of Colorado State University Extension.

“Fall is a great time. Soils stay warm until mid-November, so turf seed has that much longer to germinate.” Warmer soils also help microorganisms do their job.

Fall is the Time to Renovate Your Colorado Lawn

Many professionals refer to the fall as the time to “renovate” your lawn.

A lawn renovation includes three critical areas–aeration, fertilization, and overseeding.

Soils throughout Colorado are predominantly clay, which are low-oxygen soils. Lawn aeration helps to reincorporate oxygen into the root zone while controlling thatch, improving soil structure and creating growth pockets for new roots. Don’t remove the plugs from your lawn after service–simply mulch these nutrient-rich plugs back into your lawn with your next mowing.

Once your aeration is complete, you can reseed and fertilize the same day, allowing the product to fall in the newly created soil holes for maximum absorption.

And remember, your lawn will need a good dose of water after your fall lawn renovation is complete, and the weeks leading up to Colorado’s first frost.

Is your lawn in need of a fall renovation? Contact SavATree today to schedule your fall lawn services and get your lawn ready for spring!


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