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Fall Landscape Tips for Colorado Yards

Posted on: August 11th, 2016

After a long, hot summer it’s time to think about preparing your property for the cold winter months ahead. Swingle, Colorado’s preferred lawn care experts, wants to ensure your property will be healthy and beautiful next spring with some great fall landscape tips.

Fall Landscape Tips:


Give your lawn some breathing room as it transitions into the cooler season. Swingle’s fall yard aeration services breaks up the dry, compacted Colorado soil – allowing water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.


Overseeding helps fill in bare spots to provide a thick, green lawn. It also helps make your lawn less susceptible to disease and weeds by introducing a variety of hardy grass types into the soil.

Soil Conditioner 

Proper lawn care means caring for the soil beneath it as well – especially in Colorado. Swingle’s commercial-grade, organic soil conditioner will green-up your lawn and help eliminate brown spots.


Swingle’s custom blended fall fertilizer is designed for the unique demands of Colorado winters – boosting the health of your lawn and providing vital nutrients. In addition, our weed control treatment effectively keeps your lawn weed-free.


It’s important to prune certain species during their dormant season in order to prevent the start of diseases, such as Fire Blight, which has been prevalent the last few years. It’s also a great time to prune deciduous (leafy) trees when they are dormant, and it’s the optimal time to prune overgrown evergreen and spruce trees.

Fall and Winter Tree Watering

Traditionally, the driest months in Colorado are November through February. Your trees should be watered about every three to four weeks, as long as temperatures are above freezing. With Swingle’s ReCharge® supplemental watering, we only water when needed. If moisture levels are adequate (2 inches per 30 days) we hold off.

Tree Fertilization

Fall fertilization increases the productivity of soil, by increasing nutrient availability and encouraging root growth. Trees and shrubs with a healthy productive root system are far more likely to survive winter with fewer dead branches and increased spring growth.

Irrigation Winterization

Irrigation systems need winterization protection as the weather turns cold. Blowing out sprinkler systems in the fall, prior to the colder months when low temperatures cause water to freeze, can save thousands of dollars in damage and stress to homeowners. Make sure your irrigation system is properly cleared of water, turned off and protected from freezing temperatures.

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