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Dig Into Fall With Swingle's Fall Planting Tips

Posted on: August 16th, 2014

Fall planting is a favorite time of the year for those who enjoy their outdoor spaces. Get a jump on spring by planting bulbs, perennials, shrubs and trees yet this fall. Denver Botanic Gardens hosts a spring and fall Plant and Bulb sale; it’s a great place to pick some up if you need any. For shrubs and trees, call Swingle, we’ll take care of providing and planting so you can sit back and enjoy the new additions your landscape.

Now is an excellent time to consider new plantings for your landscape. Cooler air and soil temperatures put less stress on newly installed plants. Roots will have the fall months to grow, translating into vigorous plants next spring.

Bigger is not always better. Consider smaller plants when planting in the fall. As a general rule, smaller plants will have more roots mass in relationship with their leaf cover (canopy). More roots mean better success and less “transplant shock”. If you have your heart set on a large evergreen tree (needle bearing), these often are best planted in the spring. Evergreens have a higher winter water demand and may struggle in during our dry windy Colorado winters. For your new or existing trees, Swingle offers ReCharge, a service that hydrates your trees to ensure they stay healthy through the dry months.

What is needed for fall planting success?


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