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Hiring a professional tree care company – why it’s important?

Posted on: May 29th, 2015

Perhaps the greatest reason to hire a professional and local, Denver tree service company is to avoid your trees looking like this after pruning.


Or worse, can you imagine hiring a company who claims to be a professional tree care organization, only to find out they have no idea how to properly remove a tree?

The photos below are real. A homeowner went with a less expensive competitor for a large tree removal – never asking about certification, let alone accreditation – only to call Swingle after the tree fell on their house, destroying the chimney and surrounding roof area. A crane had to eventually be brought in to safely dislodge the tree from the house. It goes to show that sometimes you really get what you pay for.

Fallen Tree Image

Accredited and experienced tree service companies are burdened with a long-standing responsibility. Beyond their continuous dedication to remain educated and informed in an ever-evolving industry, they’re stewards to the gentle giants, which protrude from the earth beneath our feet.

Trees provide shade on a warm summer’s day, shelter to countless birds and woodland creatures, beauty to homeowners, and clients and employees who revel in their magnificence.

Historian Eric Rutkow, in his book American Canopy: Trees, Forests and the Making of a Nation, says the United States would not be the great nation it is today without trees. They provided our infant nation with timber and other resources, inspired a generation of conservationists and one mighty elm, in the heart of Boston, would eventually be bestowed the title of the Liberty Tree.

Because of their importance throughout history and society, it’s essential to choose a fully accredited tree service company whenever it comes to safely caring for and protecting the over 247 billion trees covering the United States.

“Tree care companies with no professional affiliation, such as TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association), may not have the resources or motives to incorporate safety training on the jobsite,” explains Peter Gerstenberger, TCIA’s senior advisor for safety, standards and compliance.

In fact in 2014, there were 126 occupational tree care accidents reported by the media – 81 of them were fatal. Gerstenberger added, “TCIA has found ignorance or lack of training to be a factor in many of these incidents.”


Accreditation is voluntary and evaluates the entire business to ensure that professional practices and standards are met by all employees working on any given property.

Don’t be confused by companies which emphasize their “certification”. Certification simply attests to the fact that an individual employee has an acceptable level of skill or experience. But accreditation speaks to the overall manner in which a company conducts business – a testament to their character.

Here are a few key questions you should ask or research of your potential tree care company before committing to service:

  1. Do they employ formally trained, skilled personnel?
  2. Do they meet industry standards for quality performance and safety?
  3. Do they carry sufficient insurance coverage?
  4. Do they employ certified arborists?
  5. Are there any unresolved BBB complaints?
  6. Are they BBB accredited and what is their rating?
  7. Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee for customers?

When choosing a company for tree trimming, tree care or tree removal on your property, it’s imperative to make an well informed decision.



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