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Time to Start Planning Your Holiday Lighting

Posted on: June 6th, 2014

This time of year we are usually spending time outside listening to the birds chirp. It may feel a little too soon to hear the words holiday lighting, but the jolly season is not too far off. Property managers and building owners know professional holiday lighting is not a budget or planning item you can put off until the last moment, which is why it’s time to start strategizing now.

Lighting has been an essential part of the holiday season as far back as we can remember. Winter is the perfect time of year to transform your property to increase the appearance and give visitors a memorable winter-wonderland experience. Achieving the perfect holiday setting can take time. We all know of that one shopper who waits until minute to purchase gifts and their gifts never turn out quite like they expected. Don’t let this be you; any anyone concerned about increasing ROI or creating a unique holiday experience on a commercial property can’t afford to procrastinate. Get the holiday lighting your building or property deserves through planning with an experienced professional consultant. Imagine the time you save, reducing risk associated with setting up lights and minimize damage to your property. Meeting with a professional earlier in the year to develop your plan will save you a holiday headache and ensure you achieve your business goals.

Professionals provide expert knowledge about lighting and bring invaluable experience to guide you along the correct path by helping develop your long-term plan. June is generally a good month to start planning and meeting with a consultant to discuss what you visualize for the property. If you’re not the creative type, have no fear; a true sales and marketing oriented holiday décor expert with an artistic eye will make your holiday business objectives a reality. Planning in advance allows you plenty of time to work out any kinks in your décor plan or make changes to what you may have in mind for your holiday lighting. Come October, contracts are in place for lighting to transform main-streets, buildings, and trees. While there are several factors that contribute to the cost of design and installation, consider the overall scale of your project and the style of lighting design as you plan and budget for the job. Meet with a professional early on to get these details out of the way and focus on the goals you are looking to accomplish the holiday season.

Although, temperatures haven’t even hit summer heat, it’s not too early to start planning for how your business, city, HOA or commercial property will be making spirits bright this year. Partnering with the right holiday décor expert can help create a memorable experience, increase foot-traffic, improve visibility, generate BUZZ (word-of-mouth), and provide a measurable ROI.  Of your annual budget, this could prove to be the most effective investment you make, but don’t wait too long to start the process or the stress and lack of time to properly plan will spoil the opportunity. Plan now and when the holiday season hits, you’ll be ready.




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