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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guide

Posted on: April 1st, 2016

Spring has finally sprung and it’s a great time to start spring cleaning. Spring cleaning doesn’t mean you are trapped inside for hours, so get outside and start preparing your garden beds, your lawn, controlling the weed population, and getting your outdoor spring cleaning done so your yard is ready for the warm season ahead.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guide

Out with the Old
Clear away the old and make room for new growth. Clean out dead foliage and tree branches from lawn and garden beds. The unexpected March snow storms left behind plenty of broken limbs and other debris, which need to be recycled or disposed of.

Tune Up Tools

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guide
Take stock of your gardening and lawn tools. Tune up your lawn mower with fresh oil and a spark plug and sharpen up the blade. Buy replacement parts for weed eaters and blowers and make sure they work properly so they’re ready when you need them. Replace tools that went missing or got broken last year.

Patrol Weeds
It’s no surprise that often the first signs of spring are those pesky weeds popping up on your property. Clean existing weeds out of flowerbeds and check your lawn to get a head start on weeds before they overtake the area.

Make Your Beds
As soon as the weather remains warm, get busy on those planting beds. Clear away old sod, debris, and weeds. Spread a 4-inch layer of compost or any other material that works best for your specific soil type. Then cultivate it with a spade to a depth of 10-12 inches.

Give It Some Air

Lawn aeration
Give your lawn a jump-start on the season by aerating before fertilizing. Not only does this help your lawn’s overall health, it reduces maintenance and water usage. Due to the dense soil in the Denver Front Range, spring aeration is ideal for a healthy thick lawn. While you can rent aerate machines, they are difficult to use properly and safely if you’re not a trained professional.

Help It Grow
Fertilizing lawns, shrubs and flowerbeds now will ensure that things thrive throughout the coming season. Apply a balanced fertilizer that is recommended for your specific area based on sun exposure, soil conditions and moisture levels. Be sure to fertilize perennials at the first signs of new growth.

Check the Pipes
With winter freezes behind us, it’s time to turn on those sprinkler systems for the first time. Make sure your pump and tank are operating correctly and inspect sprinkler heads to see if any need replacement or repair. This is also a great time to check for the optimal spray coverage.

Mulch It

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guide
Adding a fresh layer of mulch around flower beds, bushes and shrubs (bout four inches of mulch) not only makes things look nice and polished, but it prevents weeds from sprouting up and spreading and helps plants retain moisture.

Give Them a Trim
Trim trees and shrubs to ensure healthy growth and maintain a manicured appearance in your yard. Have your shrubs grown to an unruly size? Take note of which ones could use a good cutting back or hang unsafely over roofs and power lines. Swingle can help!

For the Birds
Yes, even your favorite feathered friends need a little attention at the beginning of spring. Clean out bird baths, bird houses, and fill bird feeders with fresh seed.

So what are you waiting for? Get outside and start your outdoor spring cleaning today!


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