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Why do I need to overseed my lawn?

Why do I need to overseed my lawn?

Posted on: August 28th, 2017

It’s hard to believe that fall is less than a month away – September 22nd serving as its official arrival date.

It feels as though we were just talking about ways to reinvigorate your lawn from the harshness of winter, and now we’re discussing what to do as it re-enters dormancy. Time certainly does fly.

Beyond winterizing your lawn with the appropriate fall fertilization, now is the time to overseed. What’s overseeding you might ask?

Overseeding in the fall

Overseeding allows you to rebuild your lawn from the severity of the season (heat, water restrictions, insects and diseases) –  gaining back the thick, green lawn you started out with in the early spring.

All lawns age and eventually need to be replenished. Typically, many lawns will reseed themselves throughout the season – introducing new, healthy blades of grass into your lawn. But sometimes, bare spots, which can be caused from a variety of reasons from pet damage to lawn mites, are more challenging and will require overseeding in order to regrow.

Bare spots will also allow weeds to push their way through the root system – enabling them to spread throughout other areas of your healthy lawn.

Overseeding is an easy, cost-effective way to grow new grass without the expense of re-sodding your lawn.

For maximum results, we recommend the following:

Schedule a fall aeration

This service will remove small, dry pellets from your lawn, allowing it to breathe after a long, hot summer. But what it also does is open up pockets for seeds to fall into. These pockets will help protect the seeds in late fall and during the winter for optimum growing potential.

Keep your new seed moist

In order for your newly spread seed to germinate properly, it needs to be kept moist up until the first frost. Therefore, you may need to drag out your hose and hand water if your irrigation system has already been winterized. Remember, if the seed is not kept moist, it will not germinate.

Swingle offers a combined service – overseeding with a fall aeration. Sign up today and save $20 when you commit to both services.


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