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Perception is Reality When It Comes to Your Commercial Landscape

Posted on: July 1st, 2014

Have you ever heard it said, “Perception is reality”? This statement certainly holds true in the retail market. Your landscape says it all to your customers in terms of their first impression. Every retail center has landscaping as a line item in their budget. Why? It is because you realize that your curb appeal speaks volumes to your customers and your tenants. Have you ever thought about what the lost cost in revenue is for poor landscape or something as simple as a dead tree at the entry at your property? Regardless of what you want to believe people see what they want to see. A poor landscape gives your prospective customers the opportunity to make an unfair assumption about your property and your tenants. In reality, you might have the best tenants and offerings for shoppers in the area but an unsightly landscape could keep people away. Your landscape can be the difference between a buyer from stopping in or driving by. The reverse is also true. A well maintained landscape brands your property to everyone. It says to each person, “I care.” We all know a first, good impression goes a long way.

By: Matt Schovel
ISA Certified Arborist
Commercial Consultant and Development


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