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Pine and Spruce Trees in Colorado Dropping Needles This Fall

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014

Pine and Spruce Trees in Colorado Dropping Needles This Fall

Have you noticed needles dropping from your pine or spruce tree? This time of year it’s typical for older needles on the inside of each branch to turn yellow or brown and eventually drop off. Evergreens don’t keep their needles indefinitely and will drop them after several years. For example, Ponderosa and Scotch pines usually keep their needles for three years. However, the pattern may vary from tree to tree and year-to-year. This process may be gradual or all of the needles could turn at once. If the process is sudden, people often become very concerned about the health of their trees, which is completely understandable.

This is a natural process says the denver tree service experts at Swingle.  Your tree is not in any danger and there’s nothing you need to do. Natural needle drop only affects the inside of the tree. If the needles on the tips of branches are yellowing or individual needles are showing spots or bands, natural needle drop is the culprit.


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