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Redheaded Sawfly Found On Ponderosa Pine Trees in Colorado

Posted on: July 29th, 2014

Swingle experts have recently seen an increase of redheaded sawflies infesting Ponderosa pine trees in Elbert and Douglas Counties. The larvae are caterpillar and worm-like, while the adult sawfly looks like a stingless wasp, which will not harm. The larvae feed on pine needles for about two to three weeks stripping all of the foliage down to the branch. They may chew on the branches if there is no other available food, impacting the tree’s health even more. Large populations of sawflies will require treatment to protect the tree and its health.

Sawfly treatment to pine trees should be performed as soon as the infestation is noticed. The treatment should be completed while the larvae are young. If trees are left untreated, defoliation to the tree may be permanent. It can take only a few days or a couple weeks for the tree to be damaged.  Swingle is recommending spray applications to treat the infested pine trees. If you believe you have sawflies, treat now! Preventative treatments are available and may be recommended, depending on your location.

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