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Sprinkler System Activation

Sprinkler Activation in the Spring

Getting your sprinkler system activated is critical as your landscape begins to awaken from dormancy. Our certified technicians will thoroughly check every system component to ensure it’s operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In the event any sprinkler system component is not functioning properly, our technicians will recommend sprinkler system repairs, and with the homeowner’s approval, make the repairs onsite.

Sprinkler System Watering Practices:

When to water: The best time is between 6 – 9 am. Avoid night watering whenever possible as it promotes disease activity. If evening watering is the only time you can water, try to water before dark.

How much to water: Most lawns need 3/4” to 1” of water 3 to 4 days per week. When the weather is hot and dry, your lawn may require more than this amount. Reduce watering in shady areas or poorly drained areas by half. If the grass begins to turn a greyish-blue color, or if the mower is leaving lines, the grass is showing signs of drought stress and you must increase the amount of water. Hand watering localized dry spots and areas missed by your automatic system is often necessary.

Testing Sprinkler Coverage: Sprinklers play the biggest role in proper watering, but several factors may lead to poor performance. To test output and coverage, place four straight-sided cans at varying distances from the sprinkler head, then run the system through a normal cycle. Measure the water in each can. Even a slight difference can be enough to cause a dry spot to develop. Your irrigation system should be checked and adjusted at least twice per year – spring activation and midsummer.

Testing Soil Moisture: Brown areas can be checked by pushing a screwdriver into the soil. Dry soil will be hard and compacted. Moist soil will be soft. If the soil is dry, hand water dry areas until the lawn starts to recover.

Swingle can handle all of your sprinkler needs:

Sprinkler service not available north of Broomfield.

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