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Start Caring for Your Lawn Now…April is National Lawn Care Month

Posted on: March 23rd, 2015

It’s the beginning of spring, which means many of us are thinking about getting a green, weed-free lawn. April is the perfect month to celebrate National Lawn Care Month and learn more about the benefits our lawns provide and what’s needed to keep them healthy and beautiful.

According to The Lawn Institute, “lawns trap more than 12 million tons of dust and dirt annually and it is estimated that a 50 by 50 foot lawn (2,500 square feet), releases enough oxygen for a family of four.” In a study conducted by Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), it was found that 81% of Americans say, “The upkeep of their yard is important to the overall look of their home.” The study also found that, “1 in 4 people’s favorite activity is relaxing on their lawn.” Our lawns provide us with many benefits, which is why it is essential to take care of them, especially in Colorado’s varied climate.

Here are some tips from the experts at Swingle to help you get your lawn green and keep it that way all season long!

The Three Essentials for a Successful Lawn:

 Fertilization is Key:

Identify any Lawn Issues:

Know What Your Lawn Needs:

Swingle Lawn Care Programs include:

Free up your time this spring and let a Swingle expert help care for your lawn!


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