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Start Summer Off Right with Swingle's Backyard Activities

Posted on: May 28th, 2014

The weather is finally warm and school is out! Summer brings out many opportunities to be outside in the backyard.  Turn your backyard into an exciting atmosphere and spend sometime with your family with Swingle’s backyard activities!

Plant a Garden | This is a great activity not just for kids but the whole family can enjoy it. It can teach kids early on about where food comes from and they can learn about healthy eating.

Plan a Picnic | You don’t have to travel far to have a picnic. Grab your picnic essentials like a blanket, a basket full of healthy food, & maybe a good book and head out to the backyard for a relaxing dining experience.

Outdoor Toy Wash | Over the winter months, toys can get pretty dirty and kids are itching to play with some water this time of year. Set up a washing station, grab some big sponges, put on the bathing suits, and see toys become new again.

Outdoor Family Night | Who says you can only have family game night indoors? Leave the board games behind and opt for more active games like bad mitten, corn hole, water balloon toss, bocce ball, or croquet for a memorable night without sitting around a table!

Backyard Camp-out | There’s no reason to fight the mountain traffic every weekend. Pitch your tent in your own backyard and sleep outdoors! The best part about being at home is if you’re not getting the best night sleep your bed is just steps away.

Nature Hunt | There is so much to explore right outside your door. Come up with a list of items for your kids to find and turn it into a nature scavenger hunt. Have them search for items such as leaves, pinecones, flowers, and insects. Don’t forget to have a little bag or container to store all the new treasures in!

Movie Screening | Turn your backyard into a backyard theater. Use a pop up screen or a white sheet and rent a projector to show your family’s favorite movie. Create a neighborhood event, inviting everyone to join in the fun!

Backyard Water Park | Get out the slip and slide, kiddie pool, & hose! Set up different stations that the kids can play at.  Imagine the smile on your child’s face and the hours of entertainment.

Evening Stargazing | Head out for a relaxing evening. Lay some blankets out in the yard, grab some constellation maps and see who can identify stars or see who notices the first shooting start.

Cookout | This is a backyard classic! Gather up your friends and fire up the grill. Have your friends each bring a dish to keep things simple. Have your kids plan the activities to keep them smiling!


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