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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Posted on: June 23rd, 2016

Summer is here and so are the extreme temperatures. We always remember to protect ourselves from the hot summer sun, but what about our grass? Unlike us, our lawns cannot protect themselves with sunscreen or a sun hat. Swingle, the Colorado lawn care experts, compiled a list of tips to help protect your lawn from the summer sun.

Tips for Summer Lawn Care

Tip #1: Water

Summer Lawn Care Tips

The best time to water your lawn in the summer months is between 4AM and 10AM. By doing so, you avoid evaporation during the day, while allowing your lawn time to dry before nightfall. It’s recommended that your lawn receive 1 inch of water per week. This will vary depending on the type of grass you have, and it’s advised you contact a local lawn care professional for water recommendations for your lawn type. It’s also important to follow local municipal water restrictions for your community.

Recommended: A tuna can is a great way to help measure an inch of water.

Tip #2: Mowing

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Adjusting your mower height can help keep your grass protected from the sun. Setting your mower blade to a height of 2 ½ to 3 inches helps keep your grass higher – insulating your lawn from the sun, while reducing beneficial moisture from evaporating. Along with adjusting the mower height, don’t forget to keep your mower blade sharp! Dull mower blades can lead to tears in grass blades, leaving it susceptible to fungal diseases.

Tip #3: Soil Conditioner

Summer Lawn Tips

When your lawn doesn’t receive adequate water, it becomes stressed and susceptible to diseases. By using a soil conditioner on your lawn – in conjunction with proper irrigation and consistent fertilization and weed control – problems such as weak, thin or uneven growth and brown spots, begin to disappear. Swingle offers a commercial grade formula of ReVive, for soil conditioning during hot summer months.

Summer lawn care is essential in Colorado’s hot climate. Contact Swingle to help keep your lawn healthy and green all summer.


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