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Swingle Kicks-Off Employee Wellness Program

Posted on: June 9th, 2013

Denver Lawn and Tree Care Service Launches Employee Wellness Program

In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle for team-members, Swingle recently launched the Swingle Employee Wellness Program. “We want to make our team-members lives more enjoyable”, said Swingle President John Gibson.”It’s good for the team-member, their families, and Swingle- it’s about improving quality of life, which can help foster a positive work environment and increase productivity”.

With a goal of being an employer of choice along the Front Range and providing value to team-members, the reasons to start the program were endless. Not only can team-members benefit from reduced costs for health insurance by participating in Kaiser’s Total Health Assessment, they are also incentivized to quit tobacco products as well. A new vending machine with healthy snack options is soon to be installed and promises to offer tasty alternatives to traditional high-fat, high-sugar snacks.

Swingle is also encouraging team-members to participate in off-site activities and events, such as the recent Colfax Marathon, where more than ten employees along with their family members ran in an effort to fundraise for local non-profit Families First.

As we collectively improve our health, we also hope reduce the number of injuries in our physically challenging, high-risk profession. Additional initiatives, like reduced gym memberships and exercise groups, are possibilities as the Program picks up momentum.



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