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The Swingle Spring Punch List

Posted on: April 4th, 2014

The sun is shining bright and the weather is warming up. This time of year, depending on the day. It’s the time we all start to think about our yards. Two of the most important factors in making your lawn green this year is aerating the yard and getting those sprinkler systems running.

Lawn Aeration in Denver is an essential element of keeping your lawn healthy and radiant. Swingle recommends aerating twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Aeration helps to:

· Control thatch: Its time to break up with thatch. Aeration alleviates compaction and improves air movement into the soil.

· Improve the soil structure: Build green goodness from the ground up!

· Create growth pockets for new roots: We all love to see more green in our yards.

· Maximize water and fertilizer absorption to your lawn’s roots: Your lawn will thank you!

Now let’s talk water! The snow has melted and your lawn is still thirsty. Activating your sprinkler system is crucial to getting your landscape up and growing. Our lawn care professional’s thoroughly check all components of your system, ensuring its all functioning properly so your system is not draining your wallet and your lawns in its best shape of it’s life!

It’s time to be excited about summer and green, weed-free lawns. Mark these tasks off your list to enjoy your yard all season long!

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