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Swingle Relocates Beehives in Fort Collins

Posted on: July 28th, 2014

Bees can be difficult to deal with, especially when they’re high in a tree and you’re up there with them! Swingle encounters beehives frequently when removing and pruning trees. One of our crews in Fort Collins recently found a hive in a cottonwood tree they were working to remove. Staying in line with Swingle’s position to protect pollinators, we worked with Fort Collin’s organic farmer and local beekeeper Matt Kroger, to help remove the hive and relocate them safely.

The large cottonwood was located in a residential backyard when the crew discovered a beehive in the base of the tree. The crew was able to cut the stump in a way that allowed for the beekeeper to gain access to the hive. Matt, was able to extract the worker bees, the queen bee, and most of the honey. The bees were then relocated to a hive at Matt’s property, where he will use the bees to produce honey.

In the past week, Swingle encountered yet another beehive. The crew was working to remove a hazardous limb, when the hive was discovered. The crew notified the client about the situation; from there the crew was able to remove as much of the limb as possible, but was forced to leave the remaining portion of the limb until the following morning when temperatures were cooler and the bees less active. The crew rigged the limb out of the tree using ropes and pulleys to gently place the limb and hive on the ground for Matt to remove the hive properly. He was again able to extract the workers, queen, and honey to relocate the hive.

Bees are an important part of our environment and food supply, which is why Swingle believes in saving and protecting pollinators! See the other measures Swingle is taking to protect pollinators


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