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Swingle's Spring Family Activities

Posted on: February 18th, 2015

It’s time to get excited for spring! The birds are returning, the flowers are blooming, and the days are getting longer. The cold is soon to be a distant memory so it’s time to prepare for some spring activities.


Soak up the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado offers countless camping grounds throughout their national parks, plus plenty of off the path locations. Bring a tent, sleeping bags and marshmallows to make your adventure one to remember. Through the national park, family-friendly campsites can be found in Larkspur, Estes Park, and Montrose.


There are many beautiful and family-friendly hiking trails in Colorado. Pack a picnic lunch and gather your family and friends for an enjoyable nature walk. It’s the perfect time to revel in nature’s beauty, while learning about wildlife and vegetation in the area. Known family hiking trails include Bear Creek Trail, Evergreen Lake, and Lookout Mountain.

Kite Flying:

Whether it’s one you’ve purchased or one you’ve created on your own, kite flying is sure to be fun for everyone. Colorado’s breezy environment makes our state the perfect place to go up, up and away! Just head to your local park!

Bike Ride:

It’s time to pull your bikes out of the garage! Take a short ride or a long ride in the city or high country. Enjoy breathtaking scenery along trails and byways – and don’t forget to always wear your helmet. provides Boreas Pass in Breckenridge, Pineridge Natural Area in Fort Collins, and Beti Bike Bash Race Course in Lakewood as great beginner trails.

Start a Garden:

Turn your backyard into your very own fruit and vegetable stand by planting a garden. Choose fruits and vegetables your family will enjoy. Try beets, tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash or cucumbers. You can visit your local garden center for additional ideas and suggestions.

Get Dirty in the Yard:

Make spring clean ups a family affair. From raking dead leaves, pulling weeds, cutting back plants and shrubs, and laying down new mulch. Find the fun in getting a little dirty and teaching valuable lessons about landscaping to your children.

Farmer’s Market:

See what local farmers are currently offering for in-season vegetables, and learn about different types of foods you didn’t know about. There are sure to be samples and great, healthy foods available for purchase. Plus, you’re supporting our local farmers. To find a market near you, visit

Visit for more information and details on seasonal activities.


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