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Swingle’s Top 5 Stories of 2015

Posted on: December 30th, 2015

Swingle’s Top 5 Stories of 2015 – From squirrel damage to freeze impact, 2015 was filled with landscape events that captured the attention of Colorado residents.

Swingle’s Top 5 stories of 2015:

Mother’s Day Freeze 2015 – What was Affected
Mother’s Day Freeze 2015 – What was AffectedMother’s Day 2015 brought with it a chilly surprise – freezing temperatures and accumulating snowfall. Many were caught off guard as landscapes with rich green lawns and trees and shrubs with bountiful foliage were damaged as a result of the unseasonable weather and we continue to see the damage in 2016.


Protecting your Property From Rabbits
Protecting your Property From RabbitsThe rabbit population continued to grow in 2015 – a nightmare for homeowners considering a single female rabbit can have up to 14 offspring per litter. They may be adorable, fluffy creatures, but in reality they caused a lot of damage. Many understood the importance of trying to control the problem before they quickly destroyed trees, shrubs, and gardens.


Freeze Damage: What to Look for this Spring
Freeze Damage: What to Look for this SpringOn November 10th, 2014, the high was 64 degrees, and then rapidly dropped to a record low of minus 13 on November 12th – a 77 degree drop in temperature. Soon after the record freeze, experts realized landscapes were going to be affected in spring of 2015. And they were!


Brown Spots on Lawn Could be Ascochyta
Brown Spots on Lawn Could be AscochytaBrown spots are never a good sign, but the culprit of 2015 was a lawn disease known as Ascochyta leaf spot. After the unseasonably warm season was preceded by cool and wet weather, many people were frustrated when they experienced this fungal disease.


Squirrels Damaging Your Trees This Year
Squirrels Damaging Your Trees This YearAfter multiple freezes in 2015, food sources were in short supply for these furry creatures, which then turned to our trees for nutrition. Many people were quick to identify squirrel damage early on before the squirrel caused enough damage to kill the branches they’ve been snacking on for nutrition.

Now that you know the top stories of 2015, find out what to expect for your landscape in 2016.


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