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Tree Pruning: Denver & Colorado Trees Need Spring Cleaning Too!

Posted on: April 5th, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Denver and Colorado Tree Pruning

Do you have your spring cleaning chores lined up? These are days when Denver and Colorado residents clean the garage, get unused clothes out of closets and straighten up clutter in the basement.

Colorado trees also appreciate spring cleaning.

Cleaning is a tree pruning technique describing the removal of dead, dying, diseased, weakly-attached and low-vigor branches from the tree canopy. This cleaning is similar to what we do in our homes–removing belongings we no longer need and removing clutter, making space for things that we do want and need.

Removing clutter in your trees results in similar benefits when you clean your home.

Dead and dying tree branches may be likened to broken or unusable items. They don’t serve any purpose, are a magnet for decay and can be dangerous if they break and fall.

Diseased and weakly-attached tree branches are similar to worn and tattered goods. These objects do not work very well and are only serviceable if used sparingly. Weakened branches may result in storm damage to trees. Branch failure may cause additional damage to the tree or objects on the ground.

Low-vigor branches are ones that are little used. The tree allocates less of its resources into keeping the branch alive. Similarly, the branch contributes less to the energy production of the tree.

Reducing Risk

Removing dead and weakened branches lessens the risk of these tree parts failing. Also, by regularly removing weak branches, decay is less likely to spread to other parts of the tree. Trees are made of wood. Thus, trees are no stronger than wood, thus the risk of breakage can be managed, but not eliminated.
Opens Up Space
Removing branches that the tree doesn’t need will provide more space for the existing branches to form superior structure. Additional light will reach inside the tree canopy, encouraging growth.
Increases vigor
Trees are good resource managers. Energy is produced in the green foliage. Branches with more green foliage produce more energy for the tree. All things being equal, the tree retains vigorous branches while shedding less productive ones. Tree pruning enhances this process.

Just as in the home, regular spring cleaning produces satisfying results. Denver and Colorado trees should be pruned on a regular schedule in a rotation of every three to five years.

While cleaning inside the home is a do-it-yourself task, tree pruning in Denver and the surrounding areas are often best performed by professionals with the knowledge and equipment to get the job done. A good rule of thumb is if you need to get off the ground to prune, have a skilled arborist do the work. Contact Swingle today for a free tree pruning quote.


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