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Watering Your Colorado Lawn

Posted on: March 19th, 2015


The arrival of spring means it’s time to get outside and begin preparing your landscape for the upcoming season. The days are getting longer and the temperatures have been incredibly mild, yet the possibility of another snowfall still looms overhead. It’s important to monitor your lawn this time of year to ensure it is not drying out.

Proper watering leading up to the start of the season is vital to your lawn’s health. The experts at Swingle are currently recommending you water your lawn at least once a week due to the mild temperatures and lack of moisture.

For best results, first rake your lawn to help eliminate the chance of snow mold and allow the water to better penetrate the soil. Power raking is not recommended, as it tears out the healthy blades of grass along with those no longer active.

Lawns with southwest facing lawns might require additional watering. Even though February was the snowiest month on record, on average thirteen inches of snow is equivalent to only one inch of rain. Unsure if your lawn is receiving enough water? Confused as to how long you should be watering? Our experts recommend placing empty tuna cans around your yard to test how long it takes your irrigation method to fill up the can.

The Lawn Watering Tuna Can Test:

First make sure your hose is properly set up. Then place several tuna cans around your yard – some close to the water source and others further away. We recommended you allow the water to run for approximately 30 minutes before checking and measuring the collection in each can.

If after 30 minutes the water collected fills the can ¾ full or more, your lawn has received enough moisture. If less than ¾ full, you will need to leave the system running longer to achieve the adequate water coverage. This simple can test will help you determine how long you should be watering your lawn for, whether you need to water for 30 minutes or longer.

Once we’ve experienced the final freeze here in Colorado, we suggest having a Swingle, certified irrigation technician activate and inspect your sprinkler system for any leaks or damage incurred during the winter months. We will provide additional information on the best watering practices to following during the heart of the summer months.

Watering in the early spring is essential for your lawn’s development, as well as preventing mites from munching on dry, brittle lawns. Additionally, overwatering can be just as damaging as not watering at all (narcotic ring spot) so try the simple tuna can test above or call Swingle for expert advice!


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