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Weed Control In Colorado This Summer

Posted on: June 23rd, 2015

Backyard barbeques, pool parties, family get-togethers, and lawn parties are all part of summer! Typically a lot of planning goes into these events, but don’t forget about the weeds in your Colorado lawn during the process. Everyone wants to have a great looking lawn when you have guests over!

To get your lawn in tip-top shape, proper weed control cannot be stressed enough. A healthy lawn and landscape is a big part of the overall value of your property. A lawn in poor health can be very costly, as re-seeding or sodding may be required to replace the damage. Leave the stress behind and get a strong, green lawn.

Weed Control in Colorado

Each weed is different and some are much harder to control than others. Weeds can make it into your landscape through various ways such as your neighbor’s yard, plant materials, and even humans or pets. In general, the two most difficult weeds to control are perennial and annual.

Weed Control for Perennial Weeds:
Perennials can be very difficult to control; their life cycle can last longer than two years. Perennial weeds can even hibernate during winter months in order to reproduce the following spring. Examples of perennial weeds include dandelion, quackgrass, and Canadian thistle.

Weed Control for Annual Weeds:
Annual weeds can sprout in the spring or early fall depending on the species. Timing is key for treating these particular weeds, by the time they appear, they are already resistant to pre-emergent herbicides (weed control spray). The chance of controlling them decreases immensely once they have seeded or flowered. Examples of annual weeds include spurge, crabgrass, downy brome, and annual bluegrass.

Now, let’s not forget about those annoying weeds that pop up in other places besides our lawns. Unwanted weeds and grasses can appear in your flower and ornamental beds putting a damper on your hard work and taking away from the beauty of your shrubs, flowers, and ornamental grasses. Swingle’s Bed & Border weed control can ensure a weed-free zone for flowerbeds, walkways, rock gardens, mulch areas and much more!

Have a beautiful outdoor space you love all year long! Swingle offers a variety of weed control services guaranteeing you a healthy, green and weed-free landscape. Why keep competing against unwanted weeds? You don’t have to do it alone. Let Swingle help!


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