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Fall Lawn Care Tips

Posted on: August 11th, 2014

Summer is coming to an end, children are returning to school, and fall will be here before you know it. Now is an ideal time to give your lawn, trees, and landscape some extra care to ensure your lawn is looking great for next spring. Swingle has several tips to maintaining a healthy lawn & landscape as we begin to transition into fall.

Fall Lawn Care Tips:

Ensure your irrigation system is set up properly to water the proper amount at the most effective times. Lack of moisture can cause trees and shrubs to be more susceptible to insect damage and disease. Have your irrigation set to water when the temperatures are cooler, usually during dawn and dusk.

Weeds will continue to grow until the weather cools and the grass is no longer growing. It’s best to spend a couple of minutes a day weeding your garden or bed areas. Mulch is a great way to help reduce weeds and retain moisture levels around your trees and shrubs.

During summer, you want to keep your mower height at the highest setting. However, once your grass stops growing for the year, its best to lower the height. Leaving your grass long during winter makes it vulnerable to fungal diseases due to the weight of the snow on top of the grass.

Having your lawn aerated in the fall is a way of allowing your lawn to breathe, opening it up to receive needed fertilizer and moisture. Due to Colorado’s arid climate, the soil compacts down which need to be broken up for your lawn to receive proper nutrients.

It’s not too early to start thinking about fall and what is needed for your landscape. Let the Swingle experts’ help you get your lawn ready with our fall lawn program, which includes fall fertilization & weed control, aeration, overseed, and Revive.


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