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Swingle Expert Reasons To Prune Your Trees

Posted on: August 28th, 2015

It’s finally starting to feel like fall has arrived, and we may just be moving right along into winter with the cooler nights and trees along the Front Range returning to the dormant stage. Most people tend to think trees don’t need as much attention in the winter as they do in the summer months. But don’t let this misconception fool you – now is the perfect time to prune your trees, or as it’s more commonly know as trimming.

Swingle’s certified arborists recommend you to prune your trees for the following reasons:

Early Winter and Late Spring Snow Storms: We all know it can be hard to prepare for a storm, so why not get ahead of them. Pruning now will help to prevent breakage of limbs during a storm and decreases the chance of any further tree damage.

Tree Growth: All trees grow. Pruning your trees can help keep your trees strong and maintain a healthy growth cycle.

Prevent Disease: It is important to prune certain tree species during the dormant season to prevent diseases such as Fire Blight, which was very prevalent this year. If you need help evaluating your trees health, a local Denver tree service company can help.

Less Leaves: Deciduous (leafy) trees are much easier to prune during the dormant season when less leaves are present. It’s also a great time to prune overgrown evergreen or spruce trees.

Safety: Keep your family and neighbors safe. Don’t let a broken limb(s) cause damage to your home or even your neighbor’s home, which can be extremely expensive and unexpected. Pruning minimizes the risk of emergency situations and can put your mind at ease.

The Benefits of Properly Trimmed Trees:

This is a great time to make the decision to have your trees pruned. If you’re unsure whether or not your trees need pruning, one of our expert arborists can provide you with a free consultation and evaluation.


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