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Winter Landscape Maintenance

Posted on: December 19th, 2016

Spring may be a ways away, but a little winter landscape maintenance now can make all the difference in bringing your yard to life in a few short months.

Winter Landscape Maintenance

Check for mites

Lawn mites can cause real damage to your lawn and create a nightmare for you in the spring when you realize your lawn isn’t turning green. Turf mites are cool season mites that feast on drought stressed lawns. You can help protect against lawn mites by watering your lawn over the winter months when it’s dry and not snow covered.

Water wisely

Our dry climate appreciates some winter watering. Pick a warm, mild day that’s over 45 degrees to water those areas where the ground is not frozen solid. Water early enough in the day to give the roots a chance to soak it up. If watering your trees and shrubs during the cold winter months is not feasible, Swingle offers a supplemental watering service, which ensures your trees and shrubs receive the necessary amount of water to stay vibrant, healthy and beautiful.

Dormant tree pruning

Tree pruning in Colorado is critical during the winter months. Now is the perfect time to check out the structure of your trees and determine those branches that need to be removed. Make sure to hold off on pruning evergreens or pines until new growth starts to show.

Stay sharp

When the weather is keeping you inside, take advantage of the time to clean, sharpen and oil all your garden tools. Make sure your tools are ready to go when the first signs of spring are evident.

Watch for snow mold

Snow mold is a fungal disease that usually appears in early spring after a particularly snowy winter. Snow mold occurs when snow falls on unfrozen turf grass and remains on the grass for an extended period of time – causing the blades of grass to compact. One of the most important things you can do to prevent snow mold from occurring on your lawn is to rake your lawn as soon as the snow finally melts. 

As we brave the cold winter months ahead, make sure to keep these winter landscape maintenance tips in mind before spring arrives.


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