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Tree and Shrub Care - Commercial

Comprehensive Tree Care

Trees and shrubs make your commercial landscape more appealing to visitors, while increasing the property value for investors. But that could change quickly if you ignored the signs of insects and diseases plaguing your property.

Swingle keeps your property safe for visitors, guests, and tenants with insect and disease control that’s as environmentally friendly as possible. For commercial properties, economies of scale are often available to keep within an established budget.

Swingle is the only Colorado tree service company with a dedicated plant pathologist on staff, who will come to your property to diagnose these issues.

Treat & Inspect Program

To prevent outbreaks and infections from sweeping your property, Swingle’s Treat & Inspect Program offers two methods of protection:

  • For the Treat Phase, we treat those trees that are most likely to be attacked by insects
  • Then, in the Inspect Phase, smaller trees and shrubs will be inspected for pests and treated with injection treatments and/or foliar treatments

Soil Injections – used to control a wide variety of problem insects. These frequently include aphids, elm leaf beetles, leaf miners, birch borers and more.

Spraying trees

Commercial Spraying controls aphids, spider, mites, and caterpillars. Early detection is critical.

Insects and diseases on trees can:

  • Detract from the appearance of your property
  • Weaken the tree causing breakage, which can lead to personal safety concerns, property damage and inconvenience or service disruption
  • Can spread to nearby trees, shrubs and plants
  • In some cases can be fatal, necessitating removal
  • Decrease property values

Trained professionals:

  • Spot symptoms and weaknesses before they become a problem
  • Prescribe custom treatments for particular issues
  • Advise what types of infestations are likely during the season and create an action plan
  • Maintain your property efficiently, with no inconvenience to your tenants or customers
  • Maximize your landscape’s contribution to the book value of your property


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