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Tree Trimming - Commercial

The benefits of tree trimming

Colorado trees are an integral part of our landscape and must be properly trimmed in order to ensure the health of the tree and the safety of everyone who visits your property.

It’s important that you select a licensed, insured and dependable tree trimming and removal company when pruning your valuable trees. With an extensive history of being “the” tree company in the Front Range, Swingle’s crews will methodically prune your trees to maximize their health and beautify for years to come.

Pruning also helps prevent corrective tree services later in the life of the tree. A full, healthy crown and strong, well-placed branches will reduce the risk for your property while maintaining a beautiful, healthy appearance. Let your property reflect your professional excellence. Get a long-term professional partner who understands how to make your commercial landscape thrive in Colorado’s climate.

Commercial landscapes often have a variety of trees of various types and ages, which means they have a variety of tree trimming needs. Swingle understands them.

Young Tree Pruning:

Young trees ranging from ten to fifteen feet in height can be trained to mature properly and grow in ways that maximizes their contribution. This pruning is essential for the long-term structure and vitality of the tree. Young trees may also need cabling and bracing early on.

Swingle is one of the few landscape organizations in Colorado to be certified OSHA compliant. In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created. The goal was to help create a safer work environment by working with businesses to establish standards that are workplace-specific. The rules and regulations developed ensure workers are in the safest environment possible as set forth by OSHA.

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