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Tree Removal - Commercial

Tree removal is an important part of landscape maintenance.

Why have a tree removed?

  • It’s dead or dying
  • Is diseased or infested by insects
  • Has grown too large for its area
  • Has sustained irreparable storm damage
  • Is aesthetically out of place with other trees

Issues with not removing dead trees:

  • Danger to people and property
  • Disease and insect spread to other other trees
  • Overhangs on walkways and streets
  • Negative impact on property value
  • Fines and liabilities to the property owner

Next steps after removal:

  • Leave a stump that will need to be ground?
  • Be a good spot for additional plantings?
  • Require new sod, mulch or rocks?

Swingle can provide all of the above services and more.

Stump grinding

After a tree is removed, keep your property safe and attractive by removing stumps, which can often be a tripping hazard and are very unsightly. Tree stump removal can free up space in your landscape and provide additional flexibility in planning.

Swingle’s professionals handle the process of notifying your utility company, flagging the area and ensuring no damage occurs to underground power lines during the stump grinding process. We’re also mindful of any sprinkler and drip lines, which may be running near the base of the tree.

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