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Swingle’s Top 5 Stories of 2016

Posted on: December 19th, 2016

Can you believe it’s a new year? 2016 featured a wide range of landscape problems from emerald ash borer to pine wilt. Let’s take a look at Swingle’s top 5 stories of 2016.

Swingle’s Top 5 Stories of 2016

1) Emerald Ash Borer Detected in Longmont

Swingle’s Top 5 Stories of 2016

Emerald ash borer (EAB) was detected in Longmont, CO, on Monday, June 6th at a residential location, which has not been officially released. The detection falls within an existing EAB quarantine area around Boulder County, in which the City of Longmont resides. The quarantine area was set up in an effort to prevent the human-assisted spread of this devastating insect.

2) What are Japanese Beetle Grubs

Swingle’s Top 5 Stories of 2016

The Japanese beetle and Japanese beetle grubs are a notorious landscape pest found in the eastern United States. Japanese beetles are voracious feeders in landscapes and gardens, with over 300 species of plants (turf, flowers, fruits, shrubs, trees) the beetles regularly dine on. Roses, lindens, small maple trees, fruit trees, and Virginia creeper vine are most often targeted by the beetles.

3) Why Deep Root Watering is Critical in Winter

Swingle’s Top 5 Stories of 2016

Many assume that the moisture from snowfall accumulations, and their eventual melting, will be sufficient enough to keep trees and shrubs healthy and hydrated during the cold winter months. What many don’t realize? The driest months in Colorado are November through February.

4) Fall Landscape Tips for Colorado Yards

Swingle’s Top 5 Stories of 2016

After a long, hot summer it’s time to think about preparing your property for the cold winter months ahead. Swingle, Colorado’s preferred lawn care expert, wants to ensure your property will be healthy and beautiful next spring with some great fall landscape tips.

5) Pine Wilt in Colorado

Swingle’s Top 5 Stories of 2016

We love our evergreens here in Colorado — they provide our landscape with year-long beauty. Over the past few years, we’ve been monitoring a new threat to one of our favorite evergreens, the pine tree. Find out the symptoms and how you can protect your pine tree against pine wilt in Colorado.

2016 is officially over and 2017 will bring new and existing pests back to our attention. Stay in touch with Swingle for more information in the coming year.


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