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Lawn Mite Control

Lawn mite protection

Identification / Damage:

Damage usually coincides with dry winter and/or spring months from December through May. Damaged areas of your lawn will appear brown and straw like. These areas will not be visible until your lawn begins to turn green during the spring. In some cases, your lawn may not be able to recover. Seeding or sodding may be the only option once damage has occurred.

The key prevention from lawn mite damage is winter and dry season watering. Pay special attention to hot spots around trees, evergreens and sloped areas, as well as south and west facing areas of your lawn receiving direct sun, which are more prone to quick water evaporation. Periodic watering will cause these areas to be less attractive to mites.


Swingle’s lawn mite control program is composed of monthly applications over the course of the dryer fall, winter, and spring months. These applications will help manage the mites and prevent further damage. The combination of our mite reduction program and winter watering is an effective, preventative solution.

We also provide evaluations for Japanese Beetle grubs throughout the year. If treatment is necessary, additional charges will apply.

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