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Organic Options

Fertilization and weed control

Organic lawn care

Your organic application contains a specially blended fertilizer with micro-nutrients and micro-organisms to help enrich the soil. This is very important in controlling turf diseases. Broadleaf weed control has been applied as requested or as needed. Each of five applications of our Organic Advantage Plus Lawn Care Program contains a specially blended fertilizer just for Colorado soils. This plan does include herbicide and insecticide when needed.

Revive organic soil treatment

Proper lawn care means more than just caring for your grass. It means caring for the soil beneath it as well. Without good topsoil our plants, trees and lawns struggle to survive.

When your lawn doesn’t receive adequate water it becomes stressed and susceptible to disease. Swingle’s Organic Advantage Plus Program with Revive is a lawn treatment that helps loosen soil and increase water penetration. It improves root-zone moisture and improves soil drainage, so a smaller amount of water has a bigger impact.

By using Revive on your lawn – in conjunction proper irrigation and consistent fertilization and weed control – problems such as weak, thin or uneven growth and brown spots begin to disappear.

Revive’s proprietary formula works with your lawn to provide the natural nutrients and wetting agents that will produce greener results.

Is your lawn frequently watered, but not getting greener? To see if a soil enhancement is the solution, contact us today!

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Lawn Care

Why did Swingle come out to treat for lawn mites when my yard is covered in snow?

Lawn mites like warmth. Remember that fact when you see your lawn covered in snow. Where snow has melted and grass is showing is typically where you’ll find mites. Snow covered lawns are actually very helpful when spraying for lawn mites by centralizing the mites in specifics locations. Technicians are trained to identify, while on the property, if treatment will be beneficial or not.

Lawn Care

Does Swingle offer lawn mowing services?

Swingle lawn care services DOES NOT offer lawn mowing services, but recommends contacting the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) www.alcc.com to find a reputable mowing service in your area.

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